Why Do You Work?

April 5, 2011


Someone on Twitter asked me today: A loaded question, in some ways. To be honest… I don’t ever envision myself teaching yoga full-time. In fact, I wasn’t sure that I wanted to teach at all before going to teacher training last fall.  I saw teacher training as an educational experience for my overall well-being and […]

Finding Balance: Teach, Practice, Work

March 16, 2011


Someone asked me recently, “How do you balance working full time, teaching and getting in your own practice?” Simple answer:  It’s not easy. My full time job, lately, takes up 50 hours a week.  It’s not always like that. But there are times of year where it gets crazy and busy. (Which is what I am […]

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Yoga Pose-Off: Full Camel in the Park

March 16, 2011


We haven’t had any advanced postures featured here on The Yogapedia yet! Today’s Yoga Pose-Off picture comes from Marsha, the creator of Breathing Always Normal. She calls  it “Camel in the Park.” Very simple and straight forward. A beautiful posture from a bendy yogini, who I totally think should compete in the 2011 Texas Yoga […]

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Bikram Yoga – Good For Addicts

March 11, 2011


It’s been almost six months since I left for Bikram yoga teacher training. SIX MONTHS! It doesn’t seem like it was that long ago.  But it was. And while there, I got the chance to explore the lives of some of the other nearly 400 students who were there to become teachers. There were many […]

What To Give Up For Lent: NOT Doing Yoga

March 8, 2011


I was baptized a Catholic. Around the age of 14, I stopped practicing… For personal reasons. But one thing I have gone back to time and again is the practice of giving up something during Lent. It is always a nice way to reset myself once a year. The purpose of Lent (according to the […]

Yoga Pose-Off: Mary’s Snowy Standing Head to Knee

March 7, 2011


standing head to knee

Another Yoga Pose-Off submission! This one is from charming Miss Mary, who is currently traveling and teaching Bikram yoga. (Side note: She used to practice yoga next to me in Boston a few years ago… AND she went to teacher training with me last Fall!) Here is what Mary has to say about her photo… […]

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Cancer & Bikram Yoga

March 6, 2011


As a teacher, I try to incorporate the purpose and health benefits into my dialogue when teaching. It is important for the students to understand that everything they are doing in the hot room… From the deep breathing, to allowing the sweat to run down their body uninterrupted, to the Savasana… Is doing something wonderful for […]


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